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This quest is paramount, and supersedes the need for volume production.

Our hope is to help you realize your dream of adventure and travel; safely, in style, and in comfort. Rugged and refined, a ShopDog Van is rugged enough to take you to the back country while refined enough to enjoy all the comforts of home. 

custom camper van

Our goal is happy clients.

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Brad has over 25 years of experience in design and the engineering industry. After working from home during the pandemic, Brad and his wife, Fay, decided to build their own camper van "Bella" to pursue their passion for the outdoors, camping and adventure travel. Long story, short and as life has it...Bella became the flagship van of what is now ShopDog Vans Inc. and is the first of many camper vans designed and built by the ShopDog Vans team. 

Brad, together with his team of experts, has the technical, design, and building skills to provide you with the custom build of your dreams. 

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A former business educator with a background in market research, social media marketing and entrepreneurship, Fay also shares Brad's enthusiasm for adventure, travel and all things van.


Fay loves design and is responsible for overseeing the refined aspects of a ShopDog Vans while Brad manages the rugged. Fay, Brad and their shop dog, Henry, pour all of the things they know and love into building well-constructed, premium products helping others realize their dreams of adventure and travel. Safely, in style, and in comfort.

You have undoubtedly gone down the YouTube rabbit hole and have a collection of likes, loves, dislikes and must-haves for your camper van.

We get it! We've been there. We can help.


We will work with you to amalgamate your research into a viable plan that suits your needs and your budget. 

Contact us today to secure your build slot for 2024!


Image by Katie Drazdauskaite

Let our business help you design and build your ultimate adventure van so you can get on with the business of LIVING!

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